Welcome to Broomstich

To better direct you, please choose one of the following interests below: 

The Gausthaus Zum Enten:

The virtual historical reenactment area for Baroness Verena Entenwirth. This area includes class notes, research, inn information, and virtual blog for my interactions with the Society of Creative Anachronism.


The Stitchery at Broomstich: COMING SOON

General sewing tips, commission information, and sewing classes offered by Broomstich


Broomstich Steampunk Style:

A blog about my preparations and interactions with the steampunk world. The blog manly deals with steampunk inspired sewing tips, cool steampunk merchants, and my research into the foray of a western steampunk pony express rider.

Theatrical Portfolio:

I am costume designer living in the Midwest who specializes in historic costumes, corsetry, and thrift store builds.I also have experience in dyeing, leatherwork, mask making, and metalwork.